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Services Offered

bell1. South Shore Web Designs can assist in obtaining your domain name/ web address

A domain name is the name your company registers such as (e.g. Clients can check the availability of a domain name at South Shore Web Designs will assist you in the registration of the "dot com" name you desire.

2. Graphics and Materials:

If you do have images that you would like to use for your site (Such as a Logo) we can scan them or am able to receive them via email. We are also willing to take digital photographs of your completed projects or possible before & after photographs at your site or company. I can create logos if needed. South Shore Web Designs can help organize materials for your site (Concepts, Brochures, Logo) In regards to the development of your site, your material will be considered on an individual basis to achieve the results you want. In most cases, your written materials can be used to produce your web site, keeping a common theme throughout your business.

3. Routine Maintenance and upgrades:

After initial set-up, you may wish to update your pages occasionally to incorporate changes in your information or simply to achieve a fresh look. Work is billed on an "as needed" basis. There is no minimum charge. Please contact our past clients.

4. Hosting:

Hosting Companies are the companies or persons who have set up a web server to “feed” your web page to the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week. South Shore Web Designs can provide you with a list of hosting options to choose from. We don't web host but can recommend reliable companies.

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