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Common Questions about your web page: balloons

I have an established business. Why should I pay to have a web?

A website will provide information to your existing client base such as directions, answering basic product questions. The Boston Red Sox and Boston Ballet are existing businesses, but are savvy and understand the importance of having a website.

I have a new business. It it too early to use a webpage?

New businesses find the web a way to announce their presence in the community as well as drive sales

How long will it take to finish? How soon can we start?

The average "simple site" can be completed normally within one - two weeks. Sites using backend databases normally take a bit longer.

Can SSWD create sites that will look good in any web browser?

South Shore Web will use cascading style sheets to make sure your home page looks good in all web browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
Cascading Style Sheets provide a website's visual presentation. Their use is important for the site's development and easy visual maintenance.

Can SSWD update content when needed after the site design is completed?

Yes, absolutely. We appreciate ongoing relationships with our clients. For ongoing site update we typically bill by the hour.

Can SSWD create our site to manage updating ourselves?

Of course. SSWD can create or redesign your site so that you can easily update content yourself, even if you don't know any HTML. If you have any questions along the way, or if you need our services for image optimization, for example, we're still morethan happy to assist.

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